Why you need a design project of the future garden


The garden design project is a perspective picture of the future garden homestead. Landscape design allows you to visualize how harmoniously the planned buildings will be combined with the garden, decide on their location, the style of the garden plot and the amount of earthworks.


The design project of the garden plot solves several important tasks, such as:

Zoning of the plot. The project will determine the location of planting plants, the location of the recreation area, technical constructions and other architectural forms. On it you can plan the arrangement of the Alpine hill, pond, pond, terraces and paths. The specialist will advise interesting and non-standard solutions for the optimal location of all functional areas.

Development of terms of reference for the design of engineering communications: irrigation, drainage, video surveillance, backlighting of the area, etc. The designer will prompt how best to make the zoning of the garden, to avoid unnecessary costs in the future for additional utilities. In the development of the scheme of territory lighting necessarily take into account the location of the recreation area, gazebo, flower garden, suburban paths and determine the rational locations of lighting fixtures.

Planning of planting of green spaces. The project takes into account all the features of the area: its topography, the occurrence of groundwater, soil composition, the location of the sides of the world and much more. This makes it possible to choose the place most suitable for planting in terms of soil quality and light levels, as well as to choose the most appropriate green plantings that will feel good in these conditions.

Creating a unified style. Landscape designer will help to define the general direction, prompt, what plantings and small architectural forms will be harmoniously combined with the selected style. All details are chosen in accordance with the preferences of the customer: from tiles, of which the paving, to the color and texture of facing materials and decorative elements.

In addition, the landscape project includes a specification of decorative materials, coatings and plantings, which allows you to understand the size of the upcoming material costs associated with the improvement of the site, and their timely adjustment.

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Arun Powell

Arun Powell