Themed areas in the garden


The garden, arranged on the garden plot, should bring its owner not only aesthetic pleasure, but also benefit. To do this, it is necessary to allocate different thematic zones in which you can comfortably spend time. Our company, which provides services for gardening and landscaping, will help you with this.

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Among the themed areas that people most often arrange in their gardens, you can highlight the following:

  • Gazebo. It is recommended to place it in the quietest and calmest place of the garden, surrounded by trees or bushes, which create a weak shade. If there is a hill or elevation in your garden, the gazebo can be installed there. Then it will open a great view of your suburban area. To create a nice coolness in the pergola, let vines or grapes along its walls.
  • Terrace. It can be either attached to the house or located separately from it. Near it is not recommended to have children’s and playgrounds, as well as other noisy places. On the terrace is recommended to place wicker or soft sofas and chairs, a table, accessories for tea drinking, hobbies or board games. Colorful flowers and bushes will be a great environment for it.
  • Swimming pool. The zone of water procedures and sunbathing is best placed in a light shade. In order to provide protection from wind and drafts, you can surround it with a hedge or a low fence of a lattice, twined vegetation. Do not plant trees near the pool as their leaves will constantly fall into the water.
  • Zone for active recreation. It includes sports and children’s playgrounds. It is desirable to place them away from the house and vegetation.
  • The recreation area in nature. For its placement it is better to choose a shady area of your garden. It should be spacious enough to accommodate sun loungers, swings, a hammock and a barbecue area.
Arun Powell

Arun Powell