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    When it comes to the beauty and elegance of your residential, commercial or industrial landscape, there simply isn’t a match for the services of Gama's Landscaping.

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Services Offered

Custom Landscaping

We strive to design a scenery that suits your every need.

Stamped Concrete

Patios, driveways, and pool decks designed to complement any style.

Block and Rock Walls

Elegant rock wall construction designed with stone of your choice.

Concrete Paver Patios

Durable, slip resistant patios with the look of natural stone.

Monthly Maintenance

We do it all from hedge trimming, to raking of small decorative rock.


Providing you more; We are also skilled at a wide range of repairs.

Lake Havasu landscaping is better with Gama. The landscaping industry in Lake Havasu City is just saturated with contractors that deliver low quality services at higher costs. Gama’s Landscaping aspires to be different than them by delivering exactly what the client is expecting. We are a team of professionals who are smart and skilled in our craft. We also possess strong business ethics, so you don’t need to worry about having impossible to deal with contractors for the job.

Gama’s Landscaping is the best Lake Havasu landscaping company for the reason that we offer a wide variety of services. The wide variety of options that we have just shows how versatile we are in our line of work. Gama’s Landscaping offers custom work. We strive hard to design scenery that will be fittingly perfect for your need. All you have to do is to provide the theme and we will work it out for you. Outputs are definitely just as you visualize it.

We provide stamped concrete landscaping for your patio, driveway, walkways, courtyards and pool decks. The stamped concrete design is sure to complement any style. Same description applies for their bock and rock walls construction. If you aspire to have an elegant rock wall for your home, you can definitely count on Gama’s. You can also select the type of stone that you want for the construction which is conveniently smart. Gama’s block walls such as privacy walls, retaining walls and pool enclosures are designed for endurance. These walls are sure to stand hard for a very long time.

We also offer services for patio construction. The company has concrete pavers which will definitely spruce up your patio. The concrete pavers are durable and slip resistant, which is an utmost importance. Surely you do not want to see your guests slipping during a visit. In addition to that, the concrete pavers also come with a natural stone look, which makes it even more chic.

Gama’s Landscaping does monthly maintenance services. If you find it hard to find a Lake Havasu Landscaping company that offers this, well your search is over. Gama does it all from hedge trimming, garden decoration arranging and raking of small decorative rock. You can absolutely trust this company from handling everything in your garden!

To top it all, Gama’s Landscaping also does repair. If you have availed of the low quality services of other landscaping contractors and are experiencing disrepair in your space, such as cracking walkways, driveways and falling apart patio works and block walls, Gama will handle that. They have skilled handymen who will surely work their magic on your crumbling landscaping.

Gama’s Landscaping is definitely your only option for a high quality service in Lake Havasu City. We work with speed and accuracy. Gama’s Landscaping is a trustworthy and investment worthy company for you. So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a Lake Havasu landscaping contractor, consider Gama’s Landscaping today. Get that phone and call 928-237-0025. Gama appreciates every caller who makes a ring.

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